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Go hybrid.

The future of work is hybrid. We bring home and office together, maximizing the potential of your employees.

Why GoHybrid?

We help organizations facilitate a customized home office in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. The onboarding of your employees starts on your own unique customer portal. After ordering, you are kept well informed of progress through our own track-and-trace system. For home installation, our certified technicians provide a ready-to-use workplace and full workplace instructions. Responsible work starts here.

Focus on Employees

Our services and products actively contribute to your employees’ physical and mental well-being. That’s how we improve productivity and prevent absence through illness.

High-quality product portfolio

Create the most suitable home office solution with us through our portfolio with over 500 first-grade brands.

Leave It to Us

At GoHybrid we relieve employers from administrative tasks, reporting and even logistics. We provide you with an overview, structure and an excellent service experience.

Our packages

We have four different packages available which provide the most suitable home office solutions for all types of work spaces. In consultation with you we will determine what will be included in these packages.


Ideal for people working remotely.

Quick ship:
Ergonomics: EN1335
Design value:
Warranty: 2 years
Budget: €80 - €850


The perfect solution for small spaces (no separate space)

Quick ship:
Ergonomics: EN1335
Design value:
Warranty: 3 years
Budget: €250 - €500


The best solution to a designated word space or office.

Quick ship:
Ergonomics: EN1335
Design value:
Warranty: 3 years
Budget: €500 - €1000


A statement piece in every room. Timeless design and high-quality brands.

Quick ship:
Design value:
Warranty: 5 years
Budget: From €750


CO² Compensation

Besides our smart logistics we offset 100% of our CO² emissions. We support certified forestry projects in association with the Trees for All initiative.

GoHybrid will plant a tree for every order.


We select our products based on the multi-attribute sustainability standard Level®, an independent certification programme for the furniture industry.

In association with our suppliers, we guarantee the quality of our products.

ISO 14001

GoHybrid is ISO 14001 certified and thus complies with the legal requirements concerning environmental management.

Ergonomics & Vitality

The potential of working from home will become apparent when employees understand how they can stay healthy and comfortable when working from home.

Our solutions

  • A product portfolio in accordance with European standards for ergonomics
  • Support when setting up your work space
  • Ergonomic advice on how to prevent or deal with physical complaints
  • Provide installation instructions and manuals


  • Client-specific order and service portal
  • Bilingual portal and support
  • Simple and straightforward online order process
  • Keep a real-time overview of orders, accounts, costs and deliveries
  • Minimal administration
  • Several financing options
  • Professional advice on ergonomics and set-up
  • Expert installation at home
  • Option to connect software for administrative processing available


We offer employers two ways in which they can reimburse their employees when setting up their home office space. Both remuneration and the products and services available are tailored to your wishes.


The employer fully reimburses the employees’ orders. The employer decides beforehand which products their employees can choose from.


The employer provides a voucher of a set amount. If employees exceed their budget they will pay for the difference themselves.

IT Security

  • Separate databases between client-specific portals
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified
  • Hosting inside the EU
  • SSL certified
  • Regular penetration tests and vulnerability scans
  • Strict retention policy for data and accounts

Our partners

The future of work is hybrid.

Would you like to know more? We are happy to advise you.

Jens Fechter

GoHybrid product manager

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